Fantastic METS. Palm exhibited at METS 2015 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam 17th to 19th November for the 7th time.


The Marc Newson Collection continues to gain acceptance. There is no doubt that it is hitting the sweet-spot in the marine market with its combination of Red-Dot award winning design, coloured non-slip bases and being made from BPA-free Tritan.

Many individual store owners visited with their positive stories.

A number mentioned how their customers liked the “happy colours”.

The new Sorona Plate and Bowl collection attracted a great deal of interest (and orders). It does everything that melamine does not – it is guaranteed breakable, it has a bone-china like surface, it is microwave safe for re-heating, it is recyclable, the bio-plastic is made from 35% corn waste, and it is food safe without qualification.

Both ranges are backed with a guarantee of dishwasher safety and un-breakability.

There were strong enquiries from all over the world – from Japan to Russia to South America,

Shows such as METS are important, not only to meet existing and prospective customers but also to obtain feedback on what works and does not work.