Staff and Resources

The belief that success is achievable guides Palm Products and its employees to deliver high standards in all facets of the business. At a time when production is being driven offshore, high levels of automation that simplify tasks and a commitment to quality motivates staff to deliver a standard appreciated by customers globally.

Palm employees are self-managed in work groups and are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Work should be enjoyable and employees should feel the satisfaction of a good days work, knowing that they’ve achieved a personal or company goal and that their efforts are appreciated. Every employee is valued equally for the contribution they have made.

Palm Products is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and productive work place for all employees. Training forms a cornerstone of the company’s success ensuring that best practice processes work in concert with technologically advanced software and state of the art machinery. Employees are empowered to make decision and to exceed production and quality targets. They consistently over-deliver on key performance indicators.

Whilst investment in machinery and software is paramount, continual training and professional development of employees ensures that Palm Products is always optimising outcomes. Job satisfaction is intrinsically tied to job performance at Palm Products where employee tenure averages are well above industry benchmarks.

Production Manager, Danny Dang, was studying engineering in 1993, when he took a night job at Palm Products. He enjoyed the studies which soon led him to a course in computer injection moulding and in factory management. Danny is the second longest tenured employee at Palm Products and continues to enjoy the challenges that new technology presents as well as improvements to the methods of production. On weekends and in the Summer, Danny is most likely to be found fishing from his boat.

Administration Manager, Heather Murphy, started at Palm Products in 1999 and now runs the SAP accounting system and is responsible for handling orders and deliveries. Like all the staff at Palm Plastics, Heather has a unique ability to learn and apply knowledge quickly and cumulatively. Prior to Palm Products, Heather was involved in a small food service business. Heather’s excellent relationships with vendors and customers are vital to the success of Palm Products. Heather has a great sense of adventure and likes nothing more than enjoying the outdoors with her family from her 4 wheel drive and camper-trailer.