Alfresco Tritan® Forever Unbreakable Drinkware Collection

The classic glass-like shapes of Alfresco are at home in any setting.

And because they are made from super-tough BPA-free Tritan®, they have the clarity of glass, and feature Palm Outdoor's Forever Unbreakable Guarantee for normal use. They will outlast polycarbonate, which contains BPA, many times and are more scratch and stain resistant.

The Alfresco Collection is made in Palm Outdoor Australia’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, under quality standards ISO9001:15 and ISO14001:15 (environmental).


  • Classic Design
  • Glass-like clarity and weight


  • Forever Unbreakable Guarantee for private use,
  • BPA-free Tritan®
  • Stable
  • Tumblers stack securely without sticking
  • Scratch resistant
  • Commercial Dishwasher safe


  • Long-life + 100% recyclable = lower energy per use and no landfill