Guarantee & Care

Forever Unbreakable Guarantee – Replacement Policy

  • The following collections are covered by our Forever Unbreakable Guarantee - Marc Newson, Alfresco Tritan, Club Tritan, Hiking Tritan, Jug and Lid Tritan, Salad Bowl & Lid Tritan, Kinder, Non-slip plates and bowl.
  • Send image of broken product to Robert Wilson at
  • A product confirmed by to have broken in normal use will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded.
  • Products damaged by normal wear, improper care (see below) or abuse will not be replaced.
  • Products used for commercial use will not be replaced
  • The broken sample may be requested. If so and the claim is upheld, reasonable costs of transportation will be refunded.
Care Instructions
  • Modern dishwashers with their low velocity jets and moderate temperatures of around 75 degrees C are the best way to retain the original surface sparkle and clarity.
  • If washing by hand, avoid using a scourer or nylon brush as this may scratch the surface.
  • Light buffing with a lens cleaning cloth will remove some small scratches.
  • Avoid using some aniseed based drinks such as Ouzo, Pastis, Ricard and Pernod as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Avoid using strong solvents as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Use organic solvents to remove stains, coffee build-up and label glue.
  • Avoid touching the glasses if sunscreen is on your fingers as marks can be baked into the glass during dishwashing. Remove marks prior to dishwashing with detergent.