Guarantee & Care

Forever Unbreakable Guarantee – Replacement Policy

  • Products made from Tritan and Sorona carry our Forever Unbreakable Guaranteed in normal use.
  • Any product confirmed by visual inspection to have a defect in materials or workmanship, or if made from Tritan or Sorona and were broken or were not dishwasher safe in normal use will be replaced or purchase price refunded. Reasonable costs of transport will be refunded.
  • Products damaged by normal wear, improper care (see below) or abuse will not be replaced.

How to claim a replacement

Place of Purchase Simply return the product to the place of purchase with the original sales docket and it will be replaced free of charge (depending on store’s policy)

Or send the product with a request for replacement to:
Palm Products
704 South Road
Moorabbin, 3189
Victoria, Australia

Care Instructions

  • Tritan and Sorona materials are dishwasher safe and will last indefinitely with normal levels of heat and detergent.
  • Modern dishwashers with their low velocity jets and moderate temperatures of around 75 degrees C are the best way to retain the original surface sparkle and clarity. Tritan and Sorona will last indefinitely under these conditions.
  • If washing by hand, avoid using a scourer or nylon brush as this may scratch the surface.
  • Light buffing with a lens cleaning cloth will remove some small scratches.
  • Avoid using some aniseed based drinks such as Ouzo, Pastis, Ricard and Pernod as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Avoid using strong solvents as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Use organic solvents to remove stains, coffee build-up and label glue.