Palm Caffe Cup

Drink Different.

Tired of compromising on the full cafe experience?
The functional design of Caffe Cup allows for a pure café-style experience wherever you are, appealing intimately to your senses of sight, taste and smell like no other re-useable coffee cup.
The unique butterfly lid allows the coffee, aroma and crema to flow freely - not be trapped behind a hole – while the drinking rim has the same open coffee cup action that you’d get in your favourite Café. The flow of coffee is controlled by your lips so it can be sipped and savoured, while the side window adds a visual element.
The unique triple walled design is a third more compact than double walled containers and increases insulation, so it will keep your coffee hot without burning your hands.
Tired of spills and leaks?
Created by Robert Wilson, Palm Outdoor owner and former automotive engineer, the Caffe Cup features uniquely robust axles and long-lasting seals that prevent leakage even when the cup is knocked over. The compact dimensions make is extremely stable, particularly with its heavy non-slip base. 
Tired of dull design?
The Caffe Cup was designed in collaboration with Marc Newson, one of the world’s most influential and sought-after designers. His unique design language is evident in the minimalist curves and pop colours of the Caffe Cup, which has been recognised with a prestigious Good Design Award.
Each element of the design is tuned to the whole so no element dominates. Attention to the smallest detail creates interest and sophistication, fusing form and function to create a strikingly unique design.
Tired of seeing, smelling and tasting last week’s coffee?
Constructed of 100% BPA-free Triton, every element of the Caffe cup is designed to ensure that stains and odours are never absorbed and the taste is never tarnished.
Cleaning couldn’t be easier, with just three dishwasher-safe components which click apart.
Tired of contributing to landfill?
The Palm Caffe Cup is as sustainable as any cup on the market. It has been engineered for almost indefinite life, so it has the potential to save many thousands of disposable cups. The cap and lid are made from 35% renewably sourced DuPont Sorona, which is made from corn waste. The Tritan used for the body has relatively low embedded energy, and the cup is 100% recyclable so a portion of its embedded energy can be reclaimed.  Palm Outdoor’s facility is accredited to environment standard ISO14001 and uses low energy equipment.