METS – Positive Feedback

Some of the positive emails received after METS

“We are impressed by your products and are proud to have them in our range” – Sweden

“The Palm drink range looks very nice!” – Spain

“Good to hear that METS was successful. But of course you have quality and good looking products suited for the yacht industry” – Belgium

“The glasses did well last summer and I am a big fan of your product line” – USA

“I was very impressed by your range and hope we might have the opportunity to work together” – UK

“Great to meet you too and yes we are amazingly positive about your products” – Spain

“Of course we’ll continue to work with your products. What you’ve shown me was really interesting” – France

“I was happy to meet you at METS and it was one of my favourite items. All, not only Newson’s / but all assortment” – Czechoslovakia

“I went to your stand because the Palm Products where a good eye-catcher to me. I really like the colors, shapes and the smart design, absolutely wonderful” Netherlands

“It was a pleasure to meet you at METS. And congratulations on a great exhibit and product” – UK