Tendence – Aug 30th to Sept 2nd 2014 – Form 2014 Winner

Tendence !

The beautiful Marc Newson Unbreakable Drinkware Collection was exhibited at Tendence in Frankfurt for the first time to critical acclaim and to great commercial success.

Tendence is one of the world’s leading house-ware exhibitions, showcasing the latest European and worldwide innovation and trends.

One of the advantages of exhibiting is that I get to hear opinions of the range from a wide variety of people – some knowledgeable buyers, others just interested, others design aficionados. The clear feedback is that this range has a special quality about it – a quality that sets it apart and gives pleasure from the way it looks, feels and performs its function.

It is not just seen as a safe alternative to glass, but as a range with its own personality.

The importance of the Red Dot award was well understood. A number knew Marc Newson personally whilst other knew of and admired his work.

Attendees first comment was invariably – “I thought it was glass” – and their first question was “Is it dishwasher safe” – to which the answer is – yes –  it is commercial grade dishwasher safe.

Many were amazed at the quality of the finish and the glass-like weight and feel. The coloured bases are always a much commented feature and the glow-in-the-dark green base gave further surprise and delight.

The beautiful gift boxes of 4 were frequently commented upon.

Another buyer commented – “it is great to see something new”.

Form 2014 Winner

Form 2014. a prestigious design competition run in conjunction with Tendence, selected the Marc Newson Collection to be part of their new product exhibition. This is further confirmation of the ranges design credentials, and follows on the winning of a Red Dot award earlier in 2014..



Tendence _113!