Alfresco Tritan® Flute
Alfresco Tritan® Flute
Alfresco Tritan® Flute

Alfresco Tritan® Flute

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The classic glass-like shapes of Alfresco are at home in any setting. They are made from super-tough BPA-free Tritan®, with the clarity of glass and Palm Outdoor's Forever Unbreakable Guarantee for normal use. They will outlast BPA containing polycarbonate more than 5 times and are more scratch and stain resistant.


  • Classic Design
  • Glass-like clarity and weight


  • Forever Unbreakable Guarantee
  • BPA-free Tritan®
  • Stable
  • Tumblers stack securely without sticking
  • Scratch resistant
  • Commercial Dishwasher safe


  • Long-life + 100% recyclable = lower energy per use and less landfill
  • Outlast at least 5 polycarbonate glasses
  • Outlasts flutes made from glass as these can break


  • Material: Tritan®
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Height: 235mm
  • Diameter: 75mm base
  • Weight: 90g