Palm Tritan™ Forever Salad Bowl and Lid

The Palm salad bowl and lid is truly versatile.
And as with all of Palm’s designs, it performs its intended function.
It can be used as a salad bowl with lid and reverses to become a plate and dome.
It is made from super-tough BPA-free Tritan™ and is backed by our Forever Unbreakable Guarantee in normal use. 

The lid fits with such precision that it is virtually air-tight, but because there is a small gap it does not jam. The lid can be easily lifted-off with one hand.

It is dishwasher safe, and can withstand daily normal dishwashing on the top or bottom shelf.
For storage, the bowl has a stacking rim.
The Palm Salad Bowl and Lid is made in our Palm Outdoor Australia’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, under quality standards ISO9001:15 and ISO14001:15 (environmental).
The lid is available in clear, solid black, solid white and transparent blue.
  • Classic shape
  • Form follows function design
  • Glass-like clarity


  • BPA-free Tritan
  • Forever Unbreakable Guaranteed in normal use
  • Bowl and Lid reverses to become a plate and dome
  • High sides and vertical at top perfect for tossing salads
  • Bowl stacks onto outside ledge without sticking
  • Lid can be lifted off with one hand leaving the other for serving.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Forever dishwasher safe in private use
  • Fits dishwasher top and bottom shelf


  • Forever Reusable  
  • Long-life + 100% recyclable = lower energy per use and no landfill


  • Diameter 265mm
  • Height 120mm